We are moving towards a new form of collective intelligence.

 – Jane McGonigal. (New York Times Bestseller)


We are moving towards a new form of collective intelligence.

 – Jane McGonigal. (New York Times Bestseller)

Prologue 1


Zuraverse is a story driven Metaverse, which will house different individual properties like MMO games, MMORPG games, Movies, Web Series, Music Releases, Graphics Novels etc. All of them connected together in this shared Internet Cinematic Universe.

Each of these individual properties having their own unique storyline which are going to be the part of this one huge shared experience.

Some of the OG properties under Zuraverse are the likes of Wacky Tails(an MMO game centered around the different animals), Gods of Metaverse(A Graphics Novel), MGM(An Animated Series), Project Megalith(A Web Series), Project Torpa(A Movie), Aavika(An Animated Short Movie), Mahakaal Series(Graphic novel/animated series).

Inspired by the Star Wars Universe, Zuraverse is also split into two sides. The NWO Empire, These are the followers of the Neu Religion DAO, and the Rebel group who call themselves as DEGENS. These are the two sides of the same coin. The Yin and Yang. Destined to be at war with each other.

The war is endless. Spawned across time and space. There is no beginning, there is no end to it. All we have are the stories. The Stories about what happened, and what will happen. Some are lost in the sands of time, some survived. Some of these stories survived in the most loving way, some as a brutal bloodbath of violence and rage. Some invoke humility, faith and courage and some invoke grief, hatred and greed. Some stories are still being written. Whatever we do from here now will dictate how these stories will develop. As Joan Didion will say, ‘We are the stories we tell ourselves’.

The backdrop of Zuraverse is a metaverse where DEGENS, the rebel group, has waged a war against the NWO Empire. Spread across Eons of conflict between these two groups, the fight for survival has seen many civilizations perish. Some survived, some didn’t. Among these many civilizations, there is this one species, we like to call them the Hippie Aliens. Aliens because they are alien to every other species. We don’t fully understand what they are. We don’t know their objectives.. All we know is that these junkies move from planet to planet in search of Nirvana.

One thing we have noticed is that they keep a galactic journal with them and document everything they see. This is an immutable and decentralized journal kept on the blockchain. It’s called the Zura Journal. Every Time they complete a chapter, they publish it on the blockchain for everyone to access it as mintable NFTs. Their current destination is Planet Earth. A fleet of 10,000 aliens have arrived in their spaceship called the ARC. Now let’s see what the commander has to say about what lies ahead.

Chapter 1


Greetings mortals, I am No@#, the commander of the spaceship ARC. I know it’s a little unusual for you primitive beings to comprehend what my name is. So for simplicity let’s just call me Noah, and this is Noah’s Arc. They also refer to me as the Socratic Hippie Alien.

In my travels across the Multiverse, I have seen many species and civilizations perish, and now we are back here on planet Earth. Back to where it all started. We see you are still at a stage of Technological adolescence and ready to move on to the next stage of evolution. And that is precisely why we are here. To make sure, you don’t make the same mistakes they all did. 

But before that let me tell you a story. A story about all of us. A story about why we are here. A story about what happened. A story about what will happen from now on. The story that we will write together. The story about how we have in the past and in the future will help each other in shaping how this story will develop. This is a story about Time.

As Albert Einstein would say, Time is an illusion. It’s not real. It is just a human construct to help you mortals differentiate between now and your perception of the past. Everything that has ever been and ever will be is happening right now. Time is a human construct and we are all slaves of the time. At least this is what we thought until one man changed it all. 

Everybody refers to him as the Collector. The Father of NEU Religion. The master of Time has made followers from not only all around the world, but all of the multiverse. It didn’t take long for the NEU Religion to become the true power of all of the Multiverse. Traditional Religions, Ideologies, and every other form of Belief systems have either vanished completely or have become totally redundant. 

In this new World Order, anyone who practices the old religions, or sympathizes with the old ways are branded with the stamp of Boomer. Their Identity token is injected with the Boomer tag. In this world, anyone with this tag is looked down upon. They are socially banished from the Metaverse. They face a lot of discrimination, referred to as Un-socialable. 

I am not gonna tell you how it all happened in detail in this Chapter. The story of The Collector will be told in a Separate Chapter “The Gods of Metaverse” What I will tell you in this Chapter is what happened afterwards and why we are here. To where it all started.