Metaverse for a Sustainable World

Help the Hippie Aliens navigate the Hyperspace and earn Rewards


Zuraverse is the metaverse for the sustainable planet, where we aim to provide an unparalleled experience in the virtual world while taking measurable actions for conservational activities in the real world.

Zuraverse is a novel PEC (Play, Earn, Conserve) gaming Metaverse. We are working to solve the issues in all three spheres of sustainability:


( Social Sustainability )


( Financial Sustainability )


( Environmental  Sustainability )



Zura Park is an Open Metaverse Island with multiple Land Parcels with Plethora of Games and VR/AR Experiences inspired by Endangered Wildlife Speices and various Cultures of the World

Unique NFTs

Games & Experiences

Multivendor Marketplace


The Zura Park is an Open World theme park, providing multiple experiences for the users around social interactions, gaming, education, events and commerce. 

The games would be driven by playable NFTs and would be on a P2E model. Each NFT sale from our marketplace contributes to nature conservation.

Zura Park will host : 

  • Zura Tournament - 5 Different Play 2 Earn Games
  • Zura Experiences - 10 Different Experiences
  • Zura Island - 1200 total land Parcel in Season 1


Zuraverse is an NFT driven metaverse where dynamic NFTs are being used for many purposes such as whitelisting, metaverse access, in-game playable NFTs, Governance rights, NFT Evolution, NFT burning, Staking/Hibernation and many more features.


Hippie Alien Cosmic Klub is a group of 10,000 intergalactic and near immortal advanced alien species from a far far place at the edge of the Universe. 

They travel from Planet to Planet in search for Nirvana. The farther they travel in space, the farther they travel back in time. In all their travel, they have seen countless species and civilizations go extinct, and now they have finally arrived on Earth. The place where it all started.

Zuraverse is a story driven Metaverse being told from the perspective of these hippie aliens. Starting from their arrival, there are 6 chapters in Season 1, which will be releasing after every 2 months in line with the Project Road Map.


When Hippie Aliens arrived on Planet Earth, they saw the destruction caused by the Humans, the dominant species of the Planet. They are saddened by it but they can't seem to understand how and why they somehow feel a connection to this problem and the responsibility to save the Planet from its impending doom, and hold Humans responsible for it.

While on the other side they love the way other species like various animal species and many indigenous human species shows such good example of respect and care towards environment and co-existence, but sadly they are facing the threats of existence.

Taking inspirations from various them, these Hippie Aliens create a new species called the ZURIANs, and a Metaverse Island called Zura Park as a training ground for Zurians, where they can evolve overtaking Humans and and save the Planet Earth and conserve its Biodiversity.

Conzura NFTs

Conzura NFTs are Nature and Wildlife themed NFT Collections, designed to leverage the power of metaverse gaming and storytelling by educating and sensitizing people about the need of Environmental Conservation.

80% of the revenue generated from various Conzura NFT Collection and goes straight to conservational activities.

The aim is to use Blockchain technology towards activities like Plantation Drive, Lake/Pond Restoration with full transparency, traceability and efficient compensation distribution and rewards for verifiable contribution minimizing the intermediatory intervention, and maximizing the social return of investment

Games & Experience

Zuraverse is an NFT driven metaverse where dynamic NFTs are being used for many purposes such as whitelisting, metaverse access, in-game playable NFTs, Governance rights, NFT Evolution, NFT burning, Staking/Hibernation and many more features.


The Zura Token $ZURA is an ERC-20 token that can be traded on Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain blockchains.

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Community Rewards

Token Staking

In-Game Asset Purchase

Governance Voting Rights



Abhishek Sagar

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Abhishek Sagar has more than 12 years of experience in the fields of tech, design and business. Holds MS. Creative Tech from MDX Uni, London and specialises in Game Design. Has Co-Founded 2 Startups before starting ZuraTech in 2015.

Abhishek is passionate about creating music, cherishing & preserving nature, & learning about culture, His vision is to bring sovereign ownership of digital game assets & interoperability of game worlds through NFTs while promoting Sustainability. 

Sunniy Khan

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Sunniy Khan has more than 9 years of experience in the field of VFX, Animation, Film Making and 3d Production. He has also Co-Founded a Tech startup & a Video Production Studio where he overlooked Operations, and Creative Processes

When he isn’t tinkering with making art as a day job and stargazing at night, Sunniy and co-founder Abhishek are tirelessly conspiring to build the most robust Game-Dev house, and a community of Web3 Degens, aiming to provide a real, proven platform for Metaverse Gaming.

Abhishek Sinha

Chief Blockchain Officer (CBO)

Abhishek Sinha is a veteran defi techpreneur who has developed over 50 decentralized applications so far. Skilled in Blockchain, especially major defi protocols like Uniswap, Aave, Compound etc. with over 5 years of demonstrated history of working in the blockchain technology and software industry.

Some of his prominent applications being the development of crypto backed Stablecoin, Fiat backed Stablecoin, P2P decentralized bitcoin exchange and forgettable private keys. Previously worked at Reliance Jio, ISRO, RanchiMall & USDAO

Utkarsh Bagade

Chief Development Officer (CDO)

Utkarsh Bagde has more than 8 years of Experience in Game Development. Having worked with Ubisoft for 7 years previously as Game Developer, he has a demonstrated history of working in the gaming industry and pushing numerous titles on mobile, PC and consoles.
Utkarsh has a good experience with working on Unity 3D, In-house Game Engines, C++, C# & project management.

Sawan Chouhan

Game Developer

Sam Rodriguez

3d Artist

Aniket Janbandhu

Full Stack Intern

Aarav raj

Blockchain Intern

Kshitij Singh

Marketing Intern


Stephen Allen

Strategic Advisor

Almas Syed

Community Advisor

Ankit Das

De-Fi Advisor

Subhayou Nayak

BD Advisor


Zuraverse Announces Partnership with Nautilus Chain

We are pleased to announce our Partnership with Nautilus Chain in our plans to accelerate our journey to build a sustainable Gaming Metaverse.
Apr 10

Zuraverse Crew3 is Now Live

To celebrate the new beginning with Zuraverse, we’re giving away 💰 150USDT! We invite users to join the Zuraverse community and win HACK NFTs
Jan 10

Zuraverse Announces Partnership with

We are partnering with through Saga’s Innovator Program in our plans to expand our footprints to the Cosmos Ecosystem.
Jan 6

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